Concerts & Gigs 2004

Bohém Ragtime Jazzband concerts in 2004
(concerts outside of Hungary are indicated with bold and italic letters)
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 January  20  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 4th Bohém club
 February  17  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 5th Bohém club (with special guests: László Forgács - trumpet)
 March  27  Saturday  19h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 13th International 'Bohém' Ragtime & Jazz Festival
   28  Sunday  19h  Szombathely (with Mimi Blais)
 April  1  Thursday  19h  Gödöllő (with Mimi Blais)
   2  Friday  10.45-11h  Hungarian Television, "Napi Mozaik"
   17  Saturday  19h  Kecskemét, Hotel Tó (private party)
   20  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 6th Bohém club
   23  Friday  18h  Sfîntu Gheorghe, St. George Days, Main Square, Romania
   23  Friday  18h  Sfîntu Gheorghe, St. George Days, Park jazz club, Romania
   24  Saturday  20h  Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania
   25  Sunday  19h  Tirgu Mures, Cultural Palace, Romania
   30  Friday  19h  Solt (private party)
 May  1  Saturday  15h  Dvur Králové
   1  Saturday  20.30h  Hradec Králové
   6  Thursday  18h  Salgótarján, 20th International Dixieland Festival
   8  Saturday  17h  Kecskemét, wedding (private party)
   17  Monday  19h  Keszthely, Ragtime & Jazz Festival
   18  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 7th Bohém club
   20  Thursday  13.30-15.15h  Breda Jazz Festival, Holland (Groote Markt Noord)
   20  Thursday  18.30-21h  Breda Jazz Festival, Holland (Veemarktstraat)
   21  Friday  13.30-15.30h  Breda Jazz Festival, Holland (Groote Markt Zuid)
   21  Friday  17.30-19.15h  Breda Jazz Festival, Holland (Havermarkt)
   22  Saturday  14-17h  Hockey Club, Prinsenbeek, Holland
   22  Saturday  24h  Breda Jazz Festival, Holland (jam session, Hotel Golden Tulip Keyser)
   23  Sunday  13.30-15.45h  Breda Jazz Festival, Holland (Grote Markt Midden)
   23  Sunday  16.45-18.30h  Breda Jazz Festival, Holland (Van Coothplein)
   25  Tuesday  18-21h  Budapest, private boat party
 June  5  Saturday  18-19.30h  Tamási (well, it rained)
   5  Saturday  22-24h  Keszthely
   11  Friday  19h  Kiskunfélegyháza (private party)
   12  Saturday  20.30-22h  Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square
   22  Tuesday  20.30-22h  Sajószentpéter
   25  Friday  20-21.30h  Bánk, Louis Armstrong Jazz Festival
 July  10  Saturday  23-24h  Baja, Fish soup festival
   16  Friday  19.30-20.30h  Siófok, Jazz Festival
   18  Sunday  19h  Tiszafüred
 August  4  Wednesday  20-21h  Kecskemét, Main Square
   5  Thursday  18-19h  Budapest, Pepsi Island
   7  Saturday  19.30-20.30h  Hajdúszoboszló, Jazz Festival
   16  Monday  21h  Debrecen, Main Square
   29  Sunday  17h  Győr, Main Square
 September  17  Friday  16h  Kecskemét, wedding (private party)
   18  Saturday  19.30h  Zalaegerszeg, Sándor Hevesi Theatre
 October  5  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 1st Bohém club
   29  Friday  18h  Orosháza (private party)
 November  3  Wednesday  21-23h  Budapest, Club Alcatraz
   9  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 2nd Bohém club (special guest: Tamás Bényei, leader of Hot Jazz Band)
 December  14  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 3rd Bohém club

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