Concerts & Gigs 2003

Bohém Ragtime Jazzband concerts in 2003
(concerts outside of Hungary are indicated with bold and italic letters)
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 January  21  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 4th Bohém club (special guest: László Fodor - clarinet)
 February  17  Monday  19h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, Gala Concert for the Fund for the Culture of Kecskemét
   18  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 5th Bohém club, (special guest: Béla Szalóky - trombone)
 March  13  Thursday  17h  Budapest, Hotel West End Hilton, Aventis private party
   17  Monday  8h  RTL Klub Television, live broadcast
   21  Friday  15.30h  Budapest, International Buda Stage
   28-30  Friday-Sunday    Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 12th International Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival
 April  4  Friday  19.00h  Budapest, Uránia National Film Theatre, Gala concert of the Emerton Prize ceremony (the Bohéms receive the prize as "Jazzband of the Year")
   13  Sunday  9.40-11.00h  Budapest, Galéria, m1 (Hungarian Television broadcast)
   15  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 6th Bohém club
 May  9  Friday  19h  Mezőkövesd, Sport Arena, concert with Joe Murányi (USA)
   16  Friday  20h  Varazdin Jazz Festival, Croatia (live radio broadcast)
   17  Saturday  13h  Tiszafüred, private party
   20  Tuesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 7th Bohém club (with special guest Gyula Molnár - cl.)
   23  Friday  19h  Kecskemét, Iparkamara
   24  Saturday  20h  Kaposvár, Street Festival
 June  14  Saturday  21h  Kecskemét, ball of the Foundation for the Kodály School
   28  Saturday  14h  Borsodnádasd, Nádasd Napok
   29  Sunday  20h  Kecskemét, Main Square, Summer Festival
 July  19  Saturday  19-20h  Biatorbágy, Jazz Festival
   26  Saturday  21-01h  Budapest, Gundel Étterem, Anna-bál
   28  Monday  20h  Tiszafüred, Brass Camp
 August  1  Friday  22.30h  Taliándörögd, Valley of Arts Festival
   6  Wednesday  20h  Budapest, Zoo
   16  Saturday  19h  Tiszafüred
   22  Friday  20h  Brugg, Salzhaus, Switzerland
   23  Saturday  20.30h  Dornbirn, Restaurant Piazza, Messepark, Austria
   24  Sunday  19.30h  Oberrohrdorf, Reformed Church, Switzerland
   26  Tuesday  19h  Lenzburg, Restaurant Ochsen, Switzerland
 September  17  Wednesday  21h  Budapest, Alcatraz
   20  Saturday  15h  Kecskemét, Opening of the Raiffeisen Bank Building
 October  5  Sunday  11-12h  Kecskemét, County Library, live radio broadcast (Petőfi Radio)
   10  Friday  24h  Nagykanizsa Jazz Festival
   15  Wednesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 1st Bohém club
 November  5  Wednesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 2nd Bohém club (with special guest János Apáti - p.)
   13  Thursday  20h  Kecskemét, school concert in the Ward Mária High-School
 December  10  Wednesday  19.30-22h  Kecskemét, Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre, 3rd Bohém club (with special guests: members of the Jumpers Swing Dance Company)

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