Concerts & Gigs 2002

Bohém Ragtime Jazzband concerts in 2002
(concerts outside of Hungary are indicated with bold letters)
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 January  23  Wednesday  19h  Kecskemét, 4th Bohém club
 February  4  Monday  10h  Lenti, Cultural Centre
   4  Monday  12h  Zalaegerszeg, MMIK Cultural Centre
   5  Tuesday  8h  Lendava, Slovenia, Cinema
   5  Tuesday  11h  Letenye, Cultural Centre
   5  Tuesday  14.30h  Nagykanizsa, Hevesi Cultural Centre
   6  Wednesday  8h  Zalaegerszeg, Apáczai Elementary School
   6  Wednesday  10.30h  Keszthely, Csokonai Elementary School
   6  Wednesday  12.30h  Hévíz, Illyés Elementary School
   7  Thursday  8h  Zalalöv, Cultural Centre
   7  Thursday  10h  Zalaegerszeg, Mindszenty Elementary School
   8  Friday  9h  Pacsa, Elementary School
   8  Friday  11.40h  Csesztreg, Cultural Centre
   20  Wednesday  19h  Kecskemét, 5th Bohém club
   28  Thursday  10h  Miskolc, Diósgyr High School
   28  Thursday  12h  Miskolc, Rónai Cultural Centre
   28  Thursday  13.15h  Miskolc, Rónai Cultural Centre
 March  4  Monday  9h  Csehimindszent, Elementary School
   4  Monday  10.45h  Körmend, Cultural Centre
   4  Monday  12.30h  Vasvár, Kardos Elementary School
   5  Tuesday  12h  Ikervár, Cultural Centre
   5  Tuesday  14.30h  Szombathely, Bartók Hall
   6  Wednesday  9.45h  Szentgotthárd, Cultural Centre
   6  Wednesday  11.45h  Szentgotthárd, Cultural Centre
   7  Thursday  9.45h  Celldömölk, Cultural Centre
   7  Thursday  12h  Sárvár, Tinódi High School
   7  Thursday  13.30h  B, Cultural Centre
   8  Friday  9.15h  Kszeg, Jurisich High School
   8  Friday  12.15h  Csepreg, Cultural Centre
   11  Monday  9h  Szombathely, Olad Cultural Centre
   11  Monday  12h  Répcelak, Cultural Centre
   22-23  Friday-Saturday  19h  11th International Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival (with Butch Thompson)
   26  Tuesday  19h  Gödöll (with Butch Thompson)
 April  17  Wednesday  19h  Kecskemét, 6th Bohém club
   24  Wednesday  17.30h  Kecskemét, Kodály School, Miraculum concert series
 May  3  Friday  17.30-19h  Salgótarján, International Dixieland Festival
   4  Saturday  21-22h  Szczawnica, Poland, International Dixieland Festival
   11  Saturday  19h  Kecskemét, Háry Hotel, joint concert with the Natural Gas Jazz Band (USA)
   15  Wednesday  19h  Kecskemét, 7th Bohém club
   22  Wednesday  19h  Keszthely, Ragtime & Dixieland Festival
   24  Friday  19h  Dunaújváros, Bartók Cultural Centre
 June  14  Friday  18h  Kecskemét, Opel private party
   15  Saturday  19h  Kecskemét, Main square, Animation Film Festival
   22  Saturday  14h  Tiszakécske, Thermal Bath
 July  13  Saturday  20h  Kecskemét, Main Square, "Future of Europe" Children Meeting
   17  Wednesday  18h  Balatonfüred, Kossuth Well
 September  7  Saturday  9-11h  Seregélyes, Pepsi private party
   14  Saturday  23-02h  Anif (by Salzburg), 6th International Stiegl Swing Festival
   15  Sunday  20h  Kiskunfélegyháza, 4th Goose Festival
   17  Tuesday  18.30-22.30h  Budapest, Wellcom private party
   28  Saturday  19h  Budapest, Uránia National Film Theatre, Gala concert for 90 year-old actress, Lili Muráti
   29  Sunday  21h  Budapest, PS-Tour private concert
 October  11  Friday  19h  Kiskunfélegyháza, Petofi High School
   22  Tuesday  19.30h  Kecskemét, 1st Bohém club
 November  11  Monday  19h  Zalaegerszeg, City Concert Hall
   26  Tuesday  19.30h  Kecskemét, 2nd Bohém club
   23  Saturday  19h  Debrecen, Tap Dance Gala
 December  10  Tuesday  19.30h  Kecskemét, 3rd Bohém club
   20  Friday  11h  Kecskemét, Bolyai High School
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