Garana Jazz Festival, August 12, 2005
(Pictures taken by Tamás Ittzés)
view from the balcony of our hotel room
Garana (Wolfsberg in German, Szörényordas in Hungarian - although according to the 1910 census in Hungary there was no Hungarian in this village of about 900 inhabitants, only Germans and 5 Rumanians) can be found about 40 km's of mountain-driving from Resita, Romania. The surrounding of th festival is beautiful, the wooden booths etc., erected just for the Festival weekend, are incredible, the stage, lights and sound are professional, the organizeres are nice and everybody speaks English (and most everybody speaks German and many knows Hungarian, too).
The audience is large (there were maybe 1000 people and all of them came only because of the event, staying in tents, private houses, pansions) and they were not only enthusiastic but also knowledgeable. There was TV, radio, thus pretty good media coverage. Four performing groups a night with American, Canadian, Swedish, Swiss, German, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Rumanian musicians. The organizers, Jazz Banat Cultural Foundation and its president, Marius Giura from Timisoara did a good job. They can't do anything about rain and mud at the site. The audiance does not care about that, anyway, they are here to listen to music. There is music from seven in the evening until two -three in the morning. The delays in the schedule (we played after midnight instead of ten o'clock) don't bother anyone, there is no watches, there is music, the audience doesn't leave, that's what they come for.
On the first day (when we played) the star guest of the festival was Mike Stern who has played guitar with giants such as Chick Corea and Miles Davis. (Looking at the order of performers his band was before us so we were the dessert on the cake :-) Of course...) His drummer, Lionel Cordew (whose head was steaming in the cold air) is also a world-class musician not to mention the sax player Bob Franceschini. We have only made photos of ourselves prior to the performance but we already have tons of concert photos anyway. And the view from our hotel balcony was pretty, too.
the site
the site at the soundcheck (it was full at night)
Bohém soundcheck
after the heavy rain
Mike Stern
Mike Stern
Look at this carefully: the head of Cordew is steaming.
shades of the Nicolas Simion Trio
Attila-ballet with the cornet
Frédi is explaining
Józsi is dancing
Józsi is practising with his mouthpiece
Miki's head and the violins
an enthusiastic photographer from the audience
Lake at Valiug

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